jay and mike

“Best of”


Listen to some of our favorite or “best of” episodes. Some are funny, some are serious, but all are worth another listen. 

Monday October 15, 2018: The start of 13 days of Halloween and believe it or not our 200th episode:

Monday September 3, 2018: Jay, Mike, and the Daleys – And porn names that leak into other subjects:

Thursday July 19, 2018: Our man, Tom, joins the show from SDCC and rocks it:

Wednesday July 11, 2018: Caroline grabs people at the grocery store and someone has taken over Paul’s body:

Wednesday July 4, 2018: A new 4th of July tradition – Bad storytelling, and we call Jay’s Mom who spills the beans:

Wednesday June 13, 2018: Somehow pantry talk became a thing. Thank the Daleys.

Thursday June 8, 2018: Jen Ponton (Dietland) and three amazing women discuss the show and various issues women face in today’s world.

Tuesday June 6, 2018: Dean Georgaris (The Brave) joins the show to discuss the television business AND he wins Jaypardy.

Friday May 25, 2018: Our 100th show! And it was Fireball Friday… uh oh.

Tuesday May 22, 2018: Want to hear a show where the hosts can’t keep their composure? You asked for it…

Tuesday May 8, 2018: We love JG Wentworth. So will you.

Friday April 6, 2018: No introduction needed, just listen.