The Co-Hosts


It takes a lot of amazing talent to pull off the greatest streaming radio show in the history of ever. Meet the knuckleheads that make us great:

Name: Paul

AKA: Mr. Paul (We need to get him a nickname. Suggestions?)

From: Houston 

Favorite TV Show: Rick and Morty

When He’s Not On The Radio: He’s podcasting with Caroline! (Daley Review!)

Name: Caroline

AKA: Ms. Daley (If you’re nasty)

From: Houston 

Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls

When She’s Not On The Radio: You guessed it – Podcasting w/ Paul!

Name: Heidi

AKA: The Sober One, Sean’s Biggest Fan

From: The greatest place on Earth – New England

Favorite TV Show: Blood Drive

When She’s Not On The Radio: Watching the “murder channel” and planning Jay’s demise

Name: Wendy

AKA: Wazzup Wendy

From: Transplanted Texan in Connecticut

Favorite TV Show: Colony

When She’s Not On The Radio: Cooking and/or reading post-apocalyptic books 


It takes more than just a few people talking to make a radio show great. These next two do a lot of work in the background to help create the madness. You might even find them on air every once in a while too. 

Name: Beth

AKA: Scoops

Title: Producer / One Fierce Mofo

Known For: “Sweet Sauce Magee!”

When She’s Not On The Radio: She’s fiercely fighting the evil forces of horrible music and hell. 

Name: Ariel

AKA: Fire Sauce

Title: Public Relations / Sassy Pants

Known For: “Huzzah”  “Wheeeeeee”  

When She’s Not On The Radio: Investing in multi-million dollar cat accessories. It’s a long story.


Name: Kayla

AKA: Coyote

Title: Quality Assurance 


When She’s Not On The Radio: She’s not on the radio because she falls asleep on the radio. Ask for the pic. Also, the person that keeps Jay on task. Sometimes.