The Show

Weeknights 9/8c! proudly presents TV Talk – The Jay and Mike Show! We go live each weeknight at 9/8c – usually for an hour, sometimes longer. It depends on how much we all have to say! Streaming radio around the world!

Who are we?

Jay and Mike host the show each night and are joined by a bunch of amazing co-hosts on various nights.

The Daley Review (Paul and Caroline) join the show on Mondays and Wednesdays! They’re the podcasting superduo that cover all sorts of great TV. If you haven’t heard of them – there’s something wrong with you – but you can check them out here.

Tuesday (when she’s not ultra-insanely busy…) Wendy joins the show. She’s prepared for any dystopian world you want to try and throw at her. She also runs an amazing website covering a ton of topics you should definitely check out.

On Thursdays and Fridays you’re stuck with Heidi. She’s from New England – yes THAT New England. She uses words like “fluffernutter” and “candlepin bowling.” Don’t ask us why. But she’s pretty awesome nonetheless – unless she’s discussing Sean Cameron Michael. Which happens A LOT.

What we do!

Talk TV! Well, mostly. We’re an hour-ish long show dedicated to chatting about a lot of fun things. There’s always 2 or 3 different topics related to TV – old and new!

We also throw in some unusual, but fun segments… Food topics, interesting ways to vent, celebrity interviews, radio madlibs (yes it’s a thing), trivia games – including the world famous Jaypardy, and lots of other great topics that create the perfect mix of hijinks and shenanigans.

We’re also known to broadcast live on location – wherever we may be. If you see us in your backyard, don’t call the cops – We just have a show to do. Come out and say hi!

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Jay and Mike live from Awesome Con 2018 for So Many Shows TV Talk Radio

Check out a recent video broadcast of the show: